Corn is the second most important crop in France after soft winter wheat: it is mainly used for animal feed and green chemistry.

To meet the different production targets and crop problems encountered, Angibaud has developed complete, effective and sustainable nutrition programs including organic fertilizers, leaf nutritional supplements and approved biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Corn is a short-cycle crop, which mobilises a large amount of nutrients 

Once planted, corn needs soluble nutrients as close to the roots as possible to promote rapid root system growth. Spot phosphate fertilization is one solution effective to address this problem and ensure better vegetative vitality. 

Often planted in soils that are still cold, corn start-up requires special vigilance In the event of stress, and the application of biostimulant solutions addresses this problem.

To compensate for the weaning stage and to condition the rapid start of vegetative growth, the reasoning of nitrogen fertilization is essential. The fractioned nitrogen contributions answer the intense nutritive needs of the corn between the stage 4 leaves and the bloom.

As it is a moderately demanding plant in potassium, potassium fertilization must be followed before planting and throughout the growth cycle. In the event of real or induced deficiency during growth, the application of potassium is recommended to avoid a decrease in yield.

Zinc, an essential trace element

It is involved in protein and starch synthesis. It is a precursor of auxin, responsible for cell elongation.

Abiotic stresses

During the growth cycle, different abiotic stresses are encountered by plants, affecting their yield potential and the quality of their harvest. To enrich plant physiology and limit the depressive effects of these stresses, Angibaud has developed a complete range of approved biostimulants concentrated in amino acids, laminaria algae or humic substances.

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation encountered

Nutriflow Zn®

Nutriflow Zn® is a liquid suspension concentrated in Zinc

Nutriflow Zn® prevents and corrects Zinc deficiencies on all crops. This liquid anti-deficiency agent, simple and practical to use, can be used on the ground or in leaves.

Pepton 85-16®

Approved biostimulant WG concentrated in free amino acids – AMM 1190424

Pepton 85-16 provides a gain of energy directly assimilated by the plant to ensure growth or crop recovery after a period of stress.
Pepton 85-16 triggers numerous metabolic reactions, including pseudo-hormonal actions that promote plant resistance to abiotic stress situations (drought, low and high temperatures, etc.).
Form WG, Pepton 85-16 is easily used in all soil fertilization strategies, whether liquid fertilization or leaf application.
Pepton 85-16 is a product that can be used in organic farming.

85% amino acids, of which 16% are free

Optrio 365+®

Leaf nutrient complex: phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, zinc

Optrio 365+ ensures crop establishment and supplements soil nutrition at key stages of growth. Optrio 365+ promotes root and vegetative growth. Optrio 365+ acts on photosynthetic activity and nutrient assimilation. Optrio 365+ provides essential soluble nutrients whose effectiveness is independent of pedo-climatic conditions.

450 g/l P205 + 65 g/l N + 65 g/l Zn + 65 g/l MgO

Ensure crop establishment from the time of sowing

Localised fertilization is a recognised and validated technique for promoting crop establishment and start-up.

This fertilization technique offers many agronomic benefits such as: 

  • Rapid development of the root system
  • Improved seedling vitality
  • Increased availability and assimilation of nutrients
  • Additional protection against specific stresses

In addition to these benefits, simultaneous application at the time of sowing, the reduction of doses and reduced logistics allow a significant economic gain.

Angibaud offers a complete range of granulated, micro-granulated and liquid fertilizers for the localisation of nutrients close to the roots. Discover three of our solutions: 

Nucepta NPS Zn®, a liquid starter solution NPS Zn

Orgabille 12-27-12®, a granulated NP SK S organomineral starter fertilizer

Prevent and correct zinc deficiency

Zinc has a direct effect on the growth of corn by intervening in the metabolism of auxins and the synthesis of proteins.

Zinc deficiency slows down growth and usually results in yield loss.

This true or induced deficiency can be easily encountered in sandy soils, poor in organic matter or with high phosphorus content. The pH of the soil and specific climatic conditions (cold, rain, etc.) can also hinder its assimilation.

To avoid yield loss, Angibaud recommends the application of a zinc-based formulation such as Liquid Suspension Concentrate: Nutriflow Zn®. This ready-to-use product can be used on the soil or as a leaf application to prevent and correct zinc deficiencies in all crops.

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