Liquid nutrient and anti-deficiencies complexes for leaf applications

Leafmaster® is a group of liquid fertilizer solutions for leaf applications.

These formulations combine one or more trace elements (boron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum…) with major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium) and/or secondary nutrients (sulphur, magnesium, calcium) to prevent and correct real or induced nutritional deficiencies and to feed the plants efficiently, whatever the environmental conditions.

These solutions, which can be used in organic and/or conventional agriculture, address most of the fertilization problems encountered in the wine, fruit and vegetable markets, as well as in field and industrial crops.

LEAFMASTER leaf solutions are a relay to soil fertilization and meet the intense nutritional needs of plants during the growth cycle. These liquid products, applied independently of soil and climatic conditions (pH, temperature, etc.), optimize the yield and final quality of the production.

Angibaud has developed two types of liquid leaf fertilizers: 

“Anti-deficiencies”, composed mainly of a single nutrient in their formulations (secondary elements and/or trace elements), used to prevent and correct real or induced nutritional deficiencies.

“Nutrient complexes” combining several nutrients (primary, secondary and trace elements), used to support the growth and physiology of the plant.


The products in the LEAFMASTER range can be used as a leaf spray or as a sprinkler on all crops, as a complement to soil fertilization.

These easy-to-use liquid solutions can be easily integrated into most fertilization programs.


  • Multiple formulations consisting of salts, chelates or concentrated suspensions
  • Wide and complete offer adapted to the nutrition of organic and conventional crops
  • Specific formulas for specific objectives such as: enrichment of fruit and vegetable preservation, post-emergence starter effect, control of physiological disorders, successful flowering, increase in protein content, increase in yield, etc.
  • Liquid, soluble products, quickly and completely assimilated by the plants.
  • Use independent of environmental conditions
  • Products compatible with most plant protection products

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