Soluble fertilizers and iron chelates

Solumaster® groups together all the soluble fertilizing solutions used on the ground, in fertirrigation or in leaf application.

Presented in the form of crystalline powder or micro-granules that are ultra-soluble in water, these formulations combine primary and secondary nutrients and trace elements immediately available for plant nutrition.

These products can be used in organic and conventional agriculture and meet most of the agricultural fertilization problems encountered in vineyard, fruit trees and market gardening.

Discover our ranges: 

  • SOLUVEG, water soluble NPK and trace element fertilizers for irrigation fertilisation.
  • ACTIVEG, water soluble NPK and micronutrient fertilizer for leaf application
  • OLIGOVEG, water-soluble nutrient complexes of trace elements for use in fertilizing irrigation or leaf application
  • FERVEG, soluble micro-granules of iron chelates to be used in the soil, in fertilizing irrigation and in leaf application to prevent and correct iron chlorosis.

Soluveg – Activeg

“SOLUVEG” fertilizers are specially designed for liquid fertilization. They are presented in the form of crystalline powder ultra-soluble in water to ensure immediate availability of major and secondary nutrients and trace elements. This ensures optimal plant growth and development.

To complete this range of soluble fertilizers, Angibaud has created new formulations for leaf application under the name “Activeg”.


Our range of soluble fertilisers is simple and easy to use, to allow its use on most crops and production systems such as: 

  • Drip and sprinkler fertilization
  • Fertirrigation in soil-based and soilless cropping systems
  • Leaf fertilization with specific formulations of ACTIVEG.

These broad and end-to-end nutrition solutions meet the intense nutritional needs of crops, especially during key phases of plant growth (establishment, flowering, fruiting, finishing, etc.).


  • End-to-end nutritional formulations adapted to many agronomic situations
  • Fertilizer containing “Angikel” technology, a complex of individually chelated trace elements to increase the efficiency of the nutrients.
  • Nutrient solutions in the form of water-soluble crystalline powder, immediately available for plants.
  • Ready-to-use products, simple, practical and easy to use
  • Wide range of formulations to meet the nutritional needs of specific crops (urea-free fertilizers, low chlorine content, acidifying power, etc.)


OLIGOVEGⓇ Solutions are nutrient complexes of water-soluble trace elements, composed of boron, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and copper, usable in organic agriculture. Different balances are available, depending on the needs of the crops. It is also possible to use individually chelated trace elements for a better efficiency (availability and absorption) of these trace elements, with the Angikel technology.

Used in small quantities in plants, these trace elements are nevertheless essential. They play a crucial role in the physiology of the plant.


Presented in the form of crystalline powder soluble in water, Oligoveg products are used in fertilizing irrigation on all crops in soil or off soil.


  • Association of 6 essential trace elements: boron (B), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), molybdenum (Mo) and manganese (Mn).
  • Water-soluble crystalline powder immediately available for plants
  • Ready-to-use product, simple, practical and easy to use
  • Angikel technology: chelation of specific trace elements

Iron chelates – Ferveg

Ferveg is a comprehensive range of iron chelates designed to fight against iron chlorosis. These solutions are presented in the form of soluble micro-granules for simple and practical use on the ground, in fertirrigation or as a leaf spray on all crops.

Iron plays an essential role in the formation of chlorophyll, on which photosynthesis depends. Untreated iron deficiency can seriously compromise the crop.

Our range of iron chelates contains different chelating agents (HBED, EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA, HEDTA…) to answer most of the problems encountered by the crops


Our complete line of iron chelates allows for versatile use in soil, liquid fertilization or leaf applications.

Our various chelating agents presented in the form of soluble micro-granules (HBED, EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA, HEDTA…) ensure that they can be used in a very wide range of pH and provide optimum stability for our formulations.

Their choice is mainly based on the pH of the environment encountered and the type of application desired.


  • Water-soluble micro-granules immediately available for plants
  • Ready-to-use product, simple, practical and easy to use
  • A wide range of chelating agents to adapt to all agricultural problems
  • A great versatility of uses (soil, liquid fertilization, leaf)

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