Green spaces : lawns, sports fields and flowerbeds

Green spaces represent an increasingly important surface in our cities and villages, for the well-being of all.

These grassy areas, often put to the test during their development, require a global approach to fertilization to ensure their growth and their sustainability.

To meet these challenges, Angibaud designs and develops end-to-end nutrition programs that ensure efficient and sustainable production, including organic amendments and fertilizers, leaf and soluble nutritional supplements and biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Green spaces include all grassed areas (lawns, sports fields, etc.), flower beds, pots and planters. These surfaces and beds each have different specificities to which the reasoning of fertilization must be adapted.

Angibaud has developed solutions that act on the following key phases: 

  • The installation of the crop (planting, sowing, vegetation recovery…)
  • Root and vegetative growth
  • Flowery
  • Resistance to abiotic stresses

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation


Organic amendment based on plant and fish guano.

Bior is an organic amendment based on plant matter and fish guano, with a high humic potential. Bior is a precursor of humus and biological activity in soils. It also promotes the exchange of nutrients between the soil, fertilizers and plants.

NPK composition (%) 2-0.8-1.7 – Organic matter on gross 70% – C/N ratio 17.5
Can be used in organic farming

Orgagreen®, Fertigreen® and Cyanamouss®

Organic and mineral fertilizers with delayed effect

Orgagreen® is a range of organic fertilizers based on fish guano and seabird guano ensuring a complete and sustainable nutrition of green spaces in organic farming.
Fertigreen® is a complete NPK formulation based on urea formaldehyde, ensuring a progressive and continuous supply of nitrogen for the plants.
Cyanamouss® is a complete fertiliser based on calcium cyanamide for the nutrition of lawns. Cyanamouss® has a recalcitrant and hygienic effect thanks to its quicklime content. Cyanamouss® also corrects soil acidity and increases the surface pH.
Presented in crumbs, plugs or microbeads, these ranges and products meet all the nutritional needs of green spaces.

Geogreen® and Geodyn®

Liquid organic fertilizers approved for use in organic farming

The Geogreen® range of organic liquid fertilizers and Geodyn®
provides complete, sustainable and effective nutrition for green spaces. These approved multi-purpose formulations (soil, leaf, liquid fertilization), which can be used in organic and conventional agriculture, support key phases of growth and quality.

Pepton 85-16®

Approved biostimulant WG concentrated in free amino acids – AMM 1190424

Pepton 85-16 provides a gain of energy directly assimilated by the plant to ensure growth or crop recovery after a period of stress.
Pepton 85-16 triggers numerous metabolic reactions, including pseudo-hormonal actions that promote plant resistance to abiotic stress situations (drought, low and high temperatures, etc.).
Form WG, Pepton 85-16 is easily used in all soil fertilization strategies, whether liquid fertilization or leaf application.
Pepton 85-16 is a product that can be used in organic farming.

85% amino acids, of which 16% are free

Ensure effective and sustainable fertilization of sports and golf courses

Sports fields and golf greens are a major issue in urban communities. Despite their regular maintenance, they are often subject to major constraints during their use (trampling, uprooting, etc.). To overcome these problems, Angibaud has developed multiple fertilization solutions including organic fertilizers, mineral fertilizers with a delayed effect as well as leaf nutritional supplements and approved biostimulants to promote planting, vegetative growth and limit the stresses encountered.

Angibaud recommends the application of the Geogreen®/Geodyn® (in French) as well as Pepton®85-16.

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Improving and maintaining the growth of organic flower crops in pots and planters

Flower crops in pots and planters have specific growth and flowering characteristics. Their growth in a restricted environment is often limited, especially in situations of abiotic stress (heat, drought, lack of water…).

To overcome these problems, Angibaud designs and develops approved fertilizing and stimulating solutions that can be used in organic farming, in the soil, by fertirrigation or by leaf app.

Angibaud recommends the application of Geogreen Plus®, Angibaud’s range of organic fertilizers is a complete and balanced organic liquid solution, ideal for the nutrition of organic flower crops. For conventional flower crops, Angibaud recommends the application of Soluveg.

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