Market gardening in the field

Open field market gardening includes all market gardening carried out in the open ground and without shelter.

Through the challenges of productivity, quality and conservation associated with different crops, Angibaud designs and develops end-to-end nutrition programs that guarantee efficient and sustainable production, including organic amendments and fertilizers, liquid and soluble nutritional supplements, as well as approved biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Angibaud offers fertilization and biostimulation solutions for all vegetable crops. To understand the fertilisation of leafy vegetables, we have chosen the example of lettuce. To learn more about our nutrition programmes, please get in touch.

Field lettuce has a short growth cycle of 4 to 10 weeks. These species grown for their foliage (leafy vegetables) require a global approach to fertilization in order to reach the productivity and quality objectives set by the distribution channels.

Generally irrigated by sprinkling, the use of effective fertilizing and stimulating solutions that can be rapidly assimilated by the roots and foliage is essential to support metabolic activity and growth and limit abiotic stress during the following key phases: 

  • Planting and installation of the crop (planting/seeding…)
  • Root and vegetative development (biomass…)
  • Maturity and harvest

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation encountered


Organic amendment based on plant and fish guano.

Bior is an organic amendment based on plant matter and fish guano, with a high humic potential. Bior is a precursor of humus and biological activity in soils. It also promotes the exchange of nutrients between the soil, fertilisers and plants.

NPK composition (%) 2-0.8-1.7 – Organic matter on gross 70% – C/N ratio 17.5
Can be used in organic farming

Guanumus® Evolution

Organic fertilizer made from plants and fish guano.

Guanumus Evolution is an organic fertilizer developed on the basis of plant and fish guano with high humic potential. Guanumus Evolution acts in particular on the biological fertility of soils thanks to the action of fish guano on the microbial activity and population. Guanumus Evolution promotes mineralisation and nutrient release. Guanumus Evolution provides complete and balanced organic nutrition for the crop.

NPK composition (%)
3-2.5-3+3 MgO
Organic matter on gross 50
C/N ratio 8.3
Can be used in organic farming
Fertilizer NFU 42-001


Range of soluble fertilizers adapted to all situations

Soluveg is a complete line of soluble fertilizers for liquid fertilization.
Fertilisers from the Soluveg to allow a complete and balanced feeding as close as possible to the needs of the crop.

CE fertilizers
Different balances available

Geogreen® and Geodyn®

Liquid organic fertilizers approved for use in organic farming

The Geogreen® range of organic liquid fertilizers and Geodyn®
provides complete, sustainable and effective nutrition for green spaces. These approved multi-purpose formulations (soil, leaf, liquid fertilization), which can be used in organic and conventional agriculture, support key phases of growth and quality.


Approved leaf biostimulant based on kelp concentrate combined with NPK nutrients

Laminactif is a leaf nutrient complex concentrated with Laminaria algae, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to enrich plant physiology. Laminaria algae promotes the assimilation of nutrients and the resistance of plants in stressful situations.
Supplemented with N-P-K fertilizers, Laminactif allows a fast and homogeneous development of the lettuce and promotes a better production and a strengthening of the structure of the plant.

Prevent and correct calcium deficiencies

Lettuce is a plant sensitive to calcium deficiency, which can lead to many physiological disorders such as “necrosis marginale”.

During its active vegetative growth, lettuce is unable to assimilate and transport enough calcium to cover all its nutritional needs. The use of soluble or liquid calcium-based nutritional supplements makes it possible to prevent and correct this deficiency as closely as possible.

To meet this challenge of productivity and quality, Angibaud has developed nutritive solutions concentrated in soluble calcium, usable in the soil, in leaf or fertirrigation. These solutions, which may or may not be associated with primary or secondary elements and/or trace elements, make it possible to prevent and correct deficiencies in order to obtain quality fruit and vegetables.

Discover our soluble fertilizers SOLUVEG® calcium+ and our organic liquid fertilizers for organic farming GEODYN® calcium. For more information, please get in touch.