Liquid mineral or organic fertilizers for irrigation fertilization and leaf applications

Liquamaster® groups together all the liquid fertilizing solutions of mineral or organic origin used in fertirrigation, leaf applications and spraying.

These complete nutrient formulations provide optimal plant nutrition by addressing most of the agricultural fertilization issues encountered in the wine, fruit, vegetable, horticulture, field and industrial crop markets.


The GEOGREEN® – GEODYN® range of organic liquid fertilizers is specially designed to meet the intense nutritional needs of organic crops in the soil, by fertirrigation or by leaf application.

These innovative nutritional solutions are made exclusively from selected organic raw materials of plant origin GEOGREEN® or plant and/or animal origin GEODYN®.


The use of our range of GEOGREEN® and GEODYN® liquid organic fertilizers is simple and easy, to allow adaptation to all the crops and production means available to farmers.

These fertilization solutions can be integrated into most piping systems such as liquid fertilization,

  • Use in drip irrigation, watering, micro-sprinkling.
  • Use in fertilizer irrigation
  • Use in simple watering
  • Use as a leaf application


  • Organic formulations of exclusively vegetable origin to meet the most demanding specifications.
  • Organic, efficient and non-leachable nutrients
  • Complete and versatile formulations that last
  • Nitrogen in organic form with amino acids
  • Water-soluble phosphorus from algae extracts
  • Multiple soil, liquid fertilization and leaf spray applications
  • Fertilizers for organic farming

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