The vine

The vine is a perennial crop requiring a global approach to fertilization.

The factors of productivity and quality are assessed not only on an annual basis for the vegetative cycle but also over the life of the vineyard to ensure its sustainability.

To meet these short, medium and long term challenges, Angibaud designs and develops end-to-end nutrition programs to ensure efficient and sustainable production, including organic amendments and fertilizers, leaf and soluble nutritional supplements, and biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Fertilization of the vine must take into account a set of cultivation and environmental parameters to ensure effective nutrition of the vine throughout its growth cycle : 

1. The pedo-climatic context (soil type, temperature, precipitation)

2. The rootstock and production system (vitality, nutritional sensitivity, planting density, cultivation practices)

3.  The grape variety and production targets (quantitative and/or qualitative criteria)

Strategic areas of fertilization

In order to meet the annual nutrient requirements and ensure the sustainability of the vineyard, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors :

Vineyard sustainability : 

  • Increase organic matter and biological fertility of the soil
  • Ensure the establishment and recovery of young plants
  • Promote flower initiation and carbohydrate storage

Productivity and quality of yields : 

  • Enrich root and vegetative growth
  • Prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Create the best possible flowering
  • Strengthen cell multiplication
  • Promote berry filling and enlargement
  • Optimise the quality of the harvest

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation encountered


Organic amendment based on plant and fish guano.

Bior is an organic amendment based on plant matter and fish guano, with a high humic potential. Bior is a precursor of humus and biological activity in soils. It also promotes the exchange of nutrients between the soil, fertilizers and plants.

NPK composition (%) 2-0.8-1.7 – Organic matter on gross 70% – C/N ratio 17.5
Can be used in organic farming


Nutritive leaf complex. Laminaria algae, Boron, Magnesium.

Laminaflor is a leaf nutrient complex concentrated with Laminaria, Boron and Magnesium to enrich the quality of flowering and support the physiology of the plant. Laminaria algae favours the assimilation of nutrients and the resistance of plants in stressful situations.

Composition (% w/v): + kelp concentrate 31.25 g/l B + 63.5 g/l MgO
Can be used in organic farming


Leaf plant biostimulant concentrated in natural triacontanol.

Odyssée is a registered leaf biostimulant, concentrated in natural triacontanol. This plant extract regulates the natural growth of plants, improves plant metabolism, increases the production and transfer of sugars and promotes storage.

Composition (% w/w): MA 1200251 – Natural triacontanol > 6 mg/kg
Total amino acids 5% – Free amino acids 1.5
Can be used in organic farming


Leaf nutrient complex. Nitrogen, molecular sulphur.

Thioleaf is a leaf nutrient complex concentrated in nitrogen and molecular sulphur to optimise the aromatic quality of musts. Thioleaf increases the assimilable nitrogen content and increases the thiols. Thioleaf is low in biuret.

Composition (% w/v): 200 g/l N + 100 g/l SO3

Prevent and correct iron chlorosis

Despite generally sufficient stocks in the soil, the availability and assimilation of iron by the roots remains complex. Specific pedo-climatic conditions such as calcareous or alkaline soils or prolonged drought hinder the absorption of iron and can cause numerous physiological disorders (reduced chlorophyll synthesis, shortening of the growth cycle, loss of quality, etc.).

To combat this nutrient deficiency, which can be recognised by the yellowing and drying of the leaves, Angibaud recommends the preventive and/or remedial application of iron chelates to the soil or as a leaf spray. The Ferveg rangeⓇ offers a complete range of iron chelates (HBED, EDDHA, EDTA…), suitable for use in organic farming, adapted to all farming situations in order to guarantee optimal productivity and production quality.

Observational evidence

Left sheet : Intense dark green colour, synonymous with pronounced chlorophyll synthesis thanks to the application of Ferveg. 

Right-hand sheet : lighter green colour without the application of iron chelates

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