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Range of approved biostimulants

Through its R&D service, Angibaud has developed numerous “TEKMASTER” approved biostimulant solutions to meet the new issues and challenges of the agricultural world.

In addition to its new solutions, Angibaud and Agrimer, a company specialised in the production of fertilizers and biostimulants concentrated in Laminaria algae, have established a historic partnership for the marketing of the Agrocéan range.

Biostimulants are defined by the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) and the Association of Agricultural Input Manufacturers and Traders (AFAIA) as “substances and/or micro-organisms whose function is to stimulate natural processes that promote and/or enhance absorption, Nutrient utilisation, abiotic stress tolerance, quality, crop yield, independent of nutrient presence”.

The TEKMASTER range consists of biostimulatorslants following respond to different cultivation problems :  

  • PEPTON 85/16, our approved biostimulant (AMM N°1190424) concentrated in free amino acids. Its unique content of short chain amino acids gives it numerous physiological effects limiting the depressive impact of abiotic stresses… Pepton 85-16 is a dispersible granule WG, 100% soluble, usable in Organic Agriculture according to current European regulations.
  • Odyssée, our approved plant biostimulant (AMM N°1200251) concentrated in natural triacontanol. This extract of natural active substances regulates the natural growth of plants and triggers many metabolic reactions. Odyssée is a liquid product, usable in Organic Agriculture according to current European regulations
  • Adenia, our approved biostimulant (AMM N°1200946) concentrated in humic substances (humic and fulvic acids) resulting from the process of potabilisation of underground water. Its high content of fulvic acids acts in particular on rhizogenesis and the efficiency of nutrition. Adenia is a liquid product that can be used in Organic Agriculture in line with current European regulations.
  • Stimurel (for export markets only, does not concern France). Biostimulant based on soluble fish proteins and beet vinasse. Its richness in amino acids gives it nutritional properties that are effective in many crop situations. It can be used in organic agriculture according to current European regulations.


PEPTON can be used on all crops. It can be used in all soil fertilization strategies, in fertirrigation and leaf application to increase the root system, stimulate vegetative growth, enrich resistance to abiotic stresses and increase the efficiency of mineral nutrition at key stages. 

ODYSSEE is applied by leaf spraying on all crops, during the vegetative activity period. This unique plant extract acts on the primary and secondary metabolism of plants, allowing a better physiology of the plant, thus limiting the depressive effects of the various abiotic stresses. It promotes, among other things, the production and transfer of metabolites, the yield and quality of production, and the conservation of perennial crops.

ADENIA can be applied to the soil, as a watering solution or as a seed treatment to promote rhizogenesis and germination of plants in the juvenile stage. Adenia can also be applied as a leaf spray during the growth cycle to increase the efficiency of nutrition and limit the impact of various abiotic stresses.

STIMUREL is applied as a leaf spray during the vegetative period to support growth and enrich development, especially during abiotic stresses (drought, cold, etc.). It can also be used as a watering agent in the planting hole of perennial crops (vines, fruit trees) to stimulate root development.



Pepton 85/16

  • Biostimulant concentrated in short chain amino acids providing numerous pseudo-hormonal, detoxifying and anti-stress effects.
  • Biostimulant resulting from an enzymatic hydrolysis process guaranteeing the exclusive obtaining of levogyres amino acids, the most assimilable by plants.
  • Dispersible granules, 100% soluble in water, easy and convenient to use.
  • A versatile product with high agronomic value that can be used in organic farming.


  • Liquid biostimulant, of exclusively vegetable origin, concentrated in natural triacontanol whose effects are similar to a natural growth regulator.
  • Biostimulant resulting from an enzymatic hydrolysis process of organic fabaceae guaranteeing an optimal quality.
  • Product characterised by its action on the primary and secondary metabolism of plants
  • The product can be used in organic farming


  • Liquid biostimulant concentrated in humic substances characterised by a high content of fulvic acids
  • Biostimulant resulting from a process of potabilisation of groundwater that promotes rhizogenesis and the establishment of crops in the juvenile stages. Its use during the growth cycle increases the efficiency of nutrients and promotes resistance to abiotic stresses.
  • Multipurpose product, for soil or leaf application, to be used in organic agriculture.


  • Concentrated liquid biostimulant based on fish proteins and organic potassium from vinasses.
  • These different organic components act synergistically to stimulate crop growth and enrich yield and quality.
  • It is a versatile biostimulant for most crops.

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The Agrocean range is composed of several foliar formulas developed from the biostimulant LAMINAVEG, a highly concentrated mixture of laminaria algae (Laminaria digitata). LAMINAVEG is certified as a biostimulant (CE 2806) in accordance with the new European regulation (EU regulation 2019/1009). The entire Agrocéan range combines this biostimulant with nutrients.

Harvested in Brittany, in the Iroise Sea, this large brown seaweed belongs to the Pheophyceae family. This deep-sea algae is subject to the constant mixing of the waters, which gives it an exceptional quality, restored through the products thanks to a historical know-how and a unique technology in the world based on two processes:

  • An osmotic extraction and a concentration of active ingredients for more performance and an improvement of the quality criteria of the cultures.
  • A micronisation process to facilitate the assimilation of nutrients in the plant.


The products in the AGROCÉAN range are used as leaf sprays or as sprinklers on all crops, as a complement to soil fertilization.

These easy-to-use liquid solutions can be easily integrated into most fertilization programs.

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