Innovation and development

Within the agronomic, innovation and development division, Angibaud and the other entities of the group benefit from upstream cross-functional shared services.

In a synthetic way, means and resources allocated to innovation can be distinguished from the thematic areas :

  • A team of 9 engineers in different fields (agronomy, chemistry, process engineering, biotechnology, regulations) for all SEDE subsidiaries, including Angibaud.
  • A formulation laboratory.
  • Close links with the Veolia research center.
  • A long-term partnership between Veolia and INRAE (National Institute of Agronomic Research).

Topics and organisation : 

  • Agronomic trials managed through a centralised organisation: trials for the development of new fertilisers are carried out under contract at various experimental stations under controlled conditions and in the field.
  • The work regulation and product compliance with the applicable regulation: the objective is to be always in line with the regulation from the design of new products and the use of new raw materials to the approval (marketing authorisation) of specific products.
  • The search for raw materials from the circular economy and their exploitation for agriculture: the objective is to target new sustainable resources and to make an adaptation work, in line with the needs and requirements of agriculture.
  • The development of decision support tools such as innovative sensors and digital solutions to control organic fertilization and quantify carbon storage in the soil.
  • The search for new products such as biostimulants capable of improving the yield potential of crops in limiting situations, thanks to a better use of nutrients, water and soil organic matter.