Horticulture / Nurseries

Through the various productivity, quality and sustainability issues encountered in horticulture and nursery, Angibaud designs and develops end-to-end nutrition programm guaranteeing efficient and sustainable production, including organic amendments and fertilizers, liquid and soluble nutritional supplements and approved biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Horticultural and nursery yields are presented in containers (flowering plants, annuals, biennials) or in the open ground. Depending on the production system and the crop, the reasoning behind fertilization may vary. However, the main production and quality issues remain similar and the fertilization lever can influence: 

  • Establishment, vegetative growth and flowering
  • Quality and conservation (compactness, harmonious development, resistance to transport and storage)
  • Limiting abiotic and cultivation stresses

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation encountered


Organic amendment based on plant and fish guano.

Bior is an organic amendment based on plant matter and fish guano, with a high humic potential. Bior is a precursor of humus and biological activity in soils. It also promotes the exchange of nutrients between the soil, fertilizers and plants.

NPK composition (%) 2-0.8-1.7 – Organic matter on gross 70% – C/N ratio 17.5
Can be used in organic farming


Range of soluble fertilizers adapted to all situations

Soluveg is a complete line of soluble fertilizers for liquid fertilization.
Fertilizers from the Soluveg to allow a complete and balanced feeding as close as possible to the needs of the crop.

CE fertilizers
Different balances available

Geogreen® et Geodyn®

Liquid organic fertilizers approved for use in organic farming

The Geogreen® range of organic liquid fertilizers and Geodyn®
provides complete, sustainable and effective nutrition for green spaces. These approved multi-purpose formulations (soil, leaf, liquid fertilisation), which can be used in organic and conventional agriculture, support key phases of growth and quality.


Approved liquid biostimulant concentrated in natural fulvic acids, for use in organic agriculture

Adenia® is an approved plant biostimulant obtained by potabilising peatland water. This liquid extract, which can be used for liquid fertilization, sprinkling or leaf app, promotes germination and root system development. Fulvic acids also act on the assimilation of soil nutrients and fertilizers, and facilitate vegetative growth.

Composition (% w/w): MA 1200946
Total humic substances: 18%.
Total fulvic acids: 17%.
Total humic acids: 1%.
Can be used in organic farming

Obtaining compact plants

The objective of nurserymen or producers of potted plants (with flowers or foliage) is to obtain compact plants, resistant to transport and to the places of marketing (garden centres, sales outlets, etc.). To meet this challenge, it is essential to control fertilization and irrigation according to light and ambient temperature.

To do this, Angibaud recommends the use of SOLUVEG®, our complete range of soluble fertilizers adapted to all crops and all types of water. By combining this fertirrigation technique with organic or organomineral fertilizers, the overall reasoning of fertilization guarantees a quality production adapted to different problems such as conservation.