Growing media, organic amendments, organic fertilizers and organomineral fertilizers

Orgamaster® groups together all the organic and organo-mineral fertilization solutions presented in the form of pellets.

These formulations combine organic and/or mineral raw materials essential to the functioning of the physical, biological and chemical properties of the soil, thus ensuring effective and sustainable plant nutrition.

These products can be used in organic farming and meet most of the agricultural fertilization problems encountered in vineyard, fruit trees, market gardening and field crops.

Fish guano

Since its creation in 1877, Angibaud has always been at the forefront of organic fertilization. This historical know-how is based on a controlled process of transformation by grinding and composting of fresh fishing by-products into natural fertilizer. Recognised today as one of the organic raw materials with the highest nutritional value thanks to its marine origins, “fish guano” is a unique, sustainable and efficient fertilizer, resulting from the circular economy.

Angibaud has developed a complete range of fertilization solutions based on fish guano to enrich the physical, biological and chemical properties of soils.

  • Growing media to ensure rapid establishment and recovery of young plantations.
  • Organic amendments which are sources of humus and soil bio-activators.
  • Organic fertilizers for organic farming and organomineral fertilizers designed to meet the intense nutritional needs of each crop.

In addition to this core product range, Angibaud designs and develops organic fertilization solutions from other organic raw materials to meet all crop problems and fertilization objectives. These product ranges include sheep and horse manure, seabird guano and other organic plant sources such as seaweed and castor cake.


Presented mainly in the form of caps, these organic solutions are used differently depending on their nature.

  • Planting media (NFU 44551), commonly called “potting soil” or “substrate”, are made up of a mixture of organic raw materials and nutrients which ensure the main roles of soil aeration, water reserve and nutrient reserve to ensure the development of the root system and the balanced growth of plants. Their simple and practical use is recommended in autumn or spring for new plantings or joint plantings. Angibaud has designed Angiplant, a unique combination of potting soil and fish guano.
  • Organic amendments (NFU 44051) composed of composted organic matter of plant and/or animal origin are used to build up, maintain and develop the stock of organic matter in the soil in order to promote the proper functioning of the clay-humus complex. Their beneficial actions on the biological fertility of soils and the enrichment of nutrient exchanges between the soil, fertilizers and plants are also highly sought after. They can be applied to or incorporated into the soil in autumn, spring or before sowing or planting a crop. Angibaud has developed a complete range of organic amendments in which you will find the reference BIOR, the only organic enrichment with fish guano.
  • Organic and organomineral fertilizers (NFU 42001) made from organic and/or mineral matter are designed to provide a set of fertilizing elements adapted to the needs and absorption capacities of crops.

Angibaud offers many solutions in this field, such as the Angi-B range of organic fertilizers based on fish guano for organic farming or the Equinoxe range of organomineral fertilizers based on fish guano.


Fish guano is a sustainable natural fertilizer recognised for its high nutritional value and its beneficial action on the biological fertility of soils. Numerous agronomic studies in the field and in the laboratory have demonstrated its multiple agronomic benefits: 

  • A necessary agent for the mineral balance of plants

Fish guano ensures end-to-end nutrition and balanced plant growth: it increases the use of mineral nitrogen and prevents it from being washed away.

  • A power of activation and stimulation of the soil micro-flora and micro-fauna

Fish guano is rich in growth substances that promote root development and strengthen the metabolism of plants. By increasing the biomass in volume as well as in activity, it proves to be a formidable activator of the biological life of the soil.

  • A decisive influence on the release and absorption of nutrients

By promoting the assimilation of nitrogen from fertilizers, fish guano significantly improves the effective fertilizer use coefficient (EUC).

Angibaud has developed a complete range of fertilization solutions based on fish guano : 

In addition to its flagship range of products based on fish guano, Angibaud has developed organic fertilization solutions based on vegetable oilcake, sheep and horse manure, seabird guano, algae, etc.

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