Sugar beet

France is Europe’s leading sugar beet producer and the world’s second largest producer.

In order to meet the production targets and the problems of the crops encountered, Angibaud has developed complete, effective and sustainable nutrition programs including organic fertilizers, leaf nutritional supplements and approved biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Sugar beet requires a global approach to fertilization throughout its growth cycle

To ensure crop establishment and rapid root system development, beets require increased availability of soil nutrients. The uptake of this nutrient reserve can be limited and early application of a phosphorus solution ensures the establishment, vitality and photosynthetic activity of the seedlings.

To ensure its vegetative growth, sugar beet also mobilises a large quantity of nitrogen, which can be split up during the cycle to increase its efficiency. Beetroot is also very demanding in terms of potassium, and can absorb up to 14 kg per day at the height of its needs (source Unifa).

In addition to these primary nutritional requirements, beets also need manganese, sulphur and trace elements such as boron to prevent and correct deficiencies.

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation encountered

Céréphos Mg+®

Leaf nutrient complex of phosphorus, magnesium and nitrogen to ensure vegetation recovery

Céréphos Mg+ is a leaf nutrient complex based on Phosphorus, Magnesium and Nitrogen to ensure the establishment or the recovery of crops.
Céréphos Mg+ acts on root and vegetative growth, activates photosynthetic activity and stimulates the assimilation of soil nutrients by plants. Céréphos Mg+ addresses nutritional deficiencies in crops at key stages.
Céréphos Mg+ is an effective leaf solution, whose action is independent of soil and climatic conditions.

400 g/l P2O5 + 100 g/l MgO + 50 g/l N

Liquamag Mn+®

Leaf nutrient complex:
Manganese, magnesium and sulphur

Liquamag Mn+ is a leaf nutrient complex based on manganese and magnesium sulfate to prevent and correct manganese and magnesium deficiencies in all crops.
Liquamag Mn+Ⓡ promotes photosynthetic activity and vegetative growth. Liquamag Mn+ is an effective leaf solution, whose action is independent of soil and climatic conditions.

100 g/l Mn + 50 g/l MgO + 247 g/l SO3


Leaf nitrogen-sulphur nutrient complex

Chopin+ prevents and corrects sulphur deficiencies in all crops. The formulation associated with nitrogen reinforces its assimilation in the plant.
Chopin+ provides soluble nutrients, in addition to the soil supply, at key stages of growth. Chopin+ is a practical and easy-to-use solution whose action is independent of pedo-climatic conditions.

850 g/l SO3, 150 g/l N

Prevent and correct boron deficiency 

Boron is an essential trace element in the nutrition of sugar beet, leading In the event of real or induced deficiency, to a significant loss of yield and sugar richness.

Laminaria reduces the depressive effects of abiotic stresses and increases the assimilation of nutrients. Localised fertilization is a recognised and validated technique for promoting crop establishment and start-up.

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