Angibaud, a pioneer in organic fertilization.
Our model is wholly impregnated with the circular economy with the permanent concern of using renewable raw materials.

The core of this system is based on fish guano technology, which underlines Angibaud’s expertise in the unique exploitation of this raw material as high performance fertilizer.
This historical know-how has been amplified and enriched over the decades to the point where we can now offer global approaches to crop nutrition, taking into account all the problems of the cultivation cycle of the various agricultural sectors.

Angibaud provides its customers with a wide range of fertilizers for all uses (soil, leaf, irrigation) and for all needs (organic amendments and fertilizers, soil biological life activators, fertilizers, anti-deficiency, biostimulants, etc.)

Particular attention is paid to fertilizers for organic farming with a complete, high-performance and constantly evolving range.

Angibaud’s expertise is available for all crops with clear answers to the problems of the agricultural sector.

Research & Innovation

is upstream of our activities for adding value to alternative renewable raw materials


of raw materials is a major challenge in terms of security of supply, traceability and diversification

Formulation & Production

of our products are in constant evolution and in permanent link with the facts in the field

Agronomic expertise

and support of the customers on the field are the trademark of Angibaud