Pome fruits

Pome fruit crops include apples, pears, quinces, etc. These crops, like all other perennial crops, require a global approach to fertilization.

The factors of productivity and quality are assessed not only on an annual basis for the growth cycle but also over the life of the orchard to ensure its sustainability.

To meet these short, medium and long term challenges, Angibaud designs and develops end-to-end nutrition programmes to ensure efficient and sustainable production, including organic amendments and fertilizers, leaf and soluble nutritional supplements, and biostimulants.

Key fertilization aspects

Fertilization of pome fruits must take into account a set of cultivation and environmental parameters to ensure effective nutrition of the orchard throughout its growth cycle: 

1. The pedo-climatic context (soil type, temperature, precipitation)

2. The species and the production system (vitality, nutritional sensitivity, planting density, cultivation practices)

3. Variety and production targets (quantitative and/or qualitative criteria)

Strategic areas of fertilization

In order to meet the annual nutrient requirements and to ensure the sustainability of the orchard, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

Orchard sustainability: 

  • Increase organic matter and biological fertility of the soil
  • Ensure the establishment and recovery of young plants
  • Promote flower initiation and carbohydrate storage

Productivity and quality of yields: 

  • Enrich root and vegetative growth
  • Prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Create the best possible flowering
  • Strengthen cell multiplication
  • Promote fruit filling and growth
  • Optimise the quality of the harvest

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation encountered

Guanumus® Evolution

Organic fertilizer made from plants and fish guano.

Guanumus Evolution is an organic fertilizer developed on the basis of plant and fish guano with high humic potential. Guanumus Evolution acts in particular on the biological fertility of soils thanks to the action of fish guano on the microbial activity and population. Guanumus Evolution promotes mineralisation and nutrient release. Guanumus Evolution provides complete and balanced organic nutrition for the crop.

NPK composition (%)
3-2.5-3+3 MgO
Organic matter on gross 50
C/N ratio 8.3
Can be used in organic farming
Fertilizer NFU 42-001


Range of soluble fertilizers adapted to all situations.

Soluveg is a complete line of soluble fertilizers for liquid fertilization.
Fertilizers from the Soluveg range to allow a complete and balanced feeding as close as possible to the needs of the crop.

CE fertilizers
Different balances available

Phorti Maxi NF®

Leaf nutrient complex concentrated in phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to support growth and ensure quality production.

Phorti Maxi NF is a leaf nutrient complex concentrated in Phosphorus, Potassium and trace elements, developed to promote cell multiplication, support growth and act on the refocusing of the sizes. Phorti Maxi NF also shows a major interest in firmness and impact resistance.

Composition (% W/V)
Total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 580 g/l
Potassium oxide (K2O) total 145 g/l Trace elements (B, Cu, Mn, Zn, Mo)


Nutritive leaf complex. Laminaria algae, Boron, Magnesium.

Laminaflor®is a leaf nutrient complex concentrated with Laminaria, Boron and Magnesium to enrich the quality of flowering and support the physiology of the plant. Laminaria algae promotes the assimilation of nutrients and the resistance of plants in stressful situations.

Composition (% w/v): + kelp concentrate 31.25 g/l B + 63.5 g/l MgO
Can be used in organic farming

Promote cell multiplication and division

The physiological processes of multiplication and cell division determine the number of fruits and the homogeneity of the harvest in a short time. During the first weeks after fruit set, special attention must be paid to optimise production and harvest quality.

During this phase, the need for phosphate nutrients is intense and absorption by the roots is sometimes insufficient. To meet these nutritional needs, Angibaud recommends the leaf application of Phorti Maxi NFⓇ is a liquid nutrient complex concentrated in phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to support cell multiplication and division. In addition to these interests, Phorti Maxi NFⓇ has demonstrated many benefits in terms of earliness, firmness, shock resistance and post-harvest fruit retention.

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