Above ground market gardening

The soilless production system of fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, strawberries…) allows a better adaptation of the plants to the pedo-climatic conditions. Cultivated under plastic or glass shelters, these yields are generally made in neutral substrates. Controlled by fertilizing irrigation, these yields require a global approach to fertilization to meet the requirements of productivity, quality and conservation fixed by the various distribution circuits.

To meet these different objectives, Angibaud designs and develops end-to-end nutrition programmes including liquid and soluble nutrient solutions, anti-deficiencies as well as approved biostimulants for use in organic farming.

Key fertilization aspects

The reasoning of fertilization of soilless yields must take into account a set of cultivation and environmental parameters to ensure an efficient nutrition: 

1. The pedo-climatic context (substrate, temperature, water type, season…)

2. The species and the production system (vitality, nutritional sensitivity, cultivation practices)

3. Variety and production targets (quantitative and/or qualitative criteria)

Strategic areas of fertilization

Throughout the growth cycle, the controlled yields in fertilizing irrigation must take into account the following objectives: 

  • Ensure the establishment and recovery of young plants
  • Enrich root and vegetative growth
  • Prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Create the best possible flowering
  • Strengthen fruiting and cell multiplication
  • Promote fruit filling and growth
  • Optimise the quality and preservation of crops
  • Limiting abiotic stresses

Solutions and a program adapted to each situation


Range of soluble fertilizers adapted to all situations.

Soluveg is a complete line of soluble fertilizers for liquid fertilization.
Fertilisers from the Soluveg range to allow a complete and balanced feeding as close as possible to the needs of the crop.

CE fertilizers
Different balances available


Approved liquid biostimulant concentrated in natural fulvic acids, for use in organic agriculture.

AdeniaⓇ is an approved plant biostimulant obtained by potabilising peatland water. This liquid extract, which can be used for liquid fertilization, sprinkling or leaf app, promotes germination and root system development. Fulvic acids also act on the assimilation of soil nutrients and fertilizers, and facilitate vegetative growth.

Composition (% w/w): MA 1200946
Total humic substances: 18%.
Total fulvic acids: 17%.
Total humic acids: 1%.
Can be used in organic farming

Ferveg® – Oligoveg®

Iron chelates and trace element complexes to prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies

Ferveg is a range of iron chelates (HBED, EDDHA…) in the form of soluble or liquid microgranules to prevent and correct iron chlorosis.
Oligoveg is a range combining a complex of trace elements essential to the growth and optimal development of crops in the form of soluble crystalline powder.

EC fertilizers – Different formulations available (consult us)

Pepton 85-16®

Approved biostimulant WG concentrated in free amino acids – AMM 1190424

Pepton 85-16 provides a gain of energy directly assimilated by the plant to ensure growth or crop recovery after a period of stress.
Pepton 85-16 triggers numerous metabolic reactions, including pseudo-hormonal actions that promote plant resistance to abiotic stress situations (drought, low and high temperatures, etc.).
Form WG, Pepton 85-16 is easily used in all soil fertilisation strategies, whether liquid fertilization or leaf application.
Pepton 85-16 is a product that can be used in organic farming.

85% amino acids, of which 16% are free

Choosing and developing the right nutrient solution 

The realisation of concentrated nutrient solutions must take into account many parameters such as the quality of the irrigation water, the physiological stages and nutrient requirements of the crops, the type of substrate, the climate and the production system.

In order to guarantee dosage and/or handling errors, Angibaud designs ready-to-use liquid or soluble solutions, low in chlorine, adapted to all production parameters.

For conventional soilless production, Angibaud recommends the use of the Soluveg and Liquoveg® ranges of complete nutrient solutions, soluble or liquid, combining primary and secondary nutrients and trace elements. For organic crops, Angibaud recommends the use of the Geogreen-Geodyn® complete range of 100% organic liquid formulations of plant and/or animal origin. Finally, to prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies in conventional or organic crops, Angibaud has developed Ferveg® and Oligoveg®.

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