7 June 2022

The Angibaud sales team at Agrimer head office

Séminaire Angibaud en Bretagne

From May 30th to June 1st 2022, during the annual seminar, sales and marketing Angibaud’ teams went to Brittany, at Agrimer head office which is a long time partner. 

This event was essentially focused on the partnership between Angibaud and Agrimer. From the seaweed harvest to the product’s formulation and the lab visit, Angibaud’s teams discovered or rediscovered Agrimer expertise in transforming and recovering sea resources.

The Laminar seaweed can be found only off the Brittany coast where it is brewed permanently: this gives the Laminar high agronomic qualities. This exceptional seaweed enters Agrocéan’s product range formula based on a unique technology which mixes two active elements:

The Agrocéan’s liquid products and biostimulants are foliar-usable on all crops, as a complement to soil fertilization.
Thanks to this seminar, the new Angibaud’ sales officers learnt a lot about the agronomic and technological Agrimer’s know-how.
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