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Soluveg Hoptipur

HOPTIPUR is a complete range of water soluble fertilizers: acidifying NPK + MgO + Angikel (unique complex of individually chelated trace elements) formulations for all crops.
The HOPTIPUR formulas are made with the most effective, pure and technical raw material. Benefits of Hoptipur range: easy to use and quickly dissoluted, clean containers and tanks, no false conductivity, no traces and less sediment on leaves.

Ultra-soluble crystal powder. Free from sulphate, urea.

ProductsRangesProduct details
Hoptipur 100% 8.5-16-34 + 2.5 + TESoluveg HoptipurProduct details
Hoptipur 100% 10-11-33 + 2 + TESoluveg HoptipurProduct details