Angibaud's Fish Guano: an exceptional organic matter

The Fish Guano is made of fishing fresh by-products (unsold and excess), naturally transformed by crushing and composting.


In 1877, Louis André ANGIBAUD has developed the transformation process of fish into a natural fertilizer by composting. This raw material offered an alternative to the use of seabird Guanos from South America. From this, Angibaud & Spécialités has constantly perfected its original process. Today, the fish Guano is the only raw material produced by a company, which has been made standard (NF U 42-001). In this way, it has been integrated to the list of raw materials authorized for the organic fertilizers' manufacturing.

The Angibaud's fish Guano manufacturing: 

Environmental conservation:

By collecting and adding value to fish, Angibaud & Spécialités collaborates with fishing professionals in favor of protecting the sea resources and environment, by encouraging them to not throw out the fishing unsold and excess on the high seas (source of organic pollution).

The agronomical qualities of Angibaud's fish Guano:

The Fish Guano is an organic matter recognized for its high nutritional and agronomical values:

1) Maintenance and development of the micro-fauna and the mico-flora of the soil, essential to the good exchanges of elements between soil and plant.

2) Stimulation of the root development and growth factor. By its sea origins, the Angibaud's fish Guano is rich in growth substances favorable for developing the roots (rich in phosphorus, vitamins and trace elements) and for strengthening the plants' metabolism.

3) Complete and balanced nutrition, for an efficient growth. The Angibaud's fish Guano provides a complete and balanced nutrition (major elements and trace elements), while reducing the risks of losses through leaching.