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Blended fertilizers on organic base

ORGALILA granular: a complete line of lila coloured organo-mineral fertilizers.

The ORGALILA granulars are manufactured with monogranulated (50 % minimum), mixed up with mineral granular fertilizers. They contain organic nitrogen at 100% from seabird guano (progressive availability of organic nitrogen), and potassium sulphate, for a complete nutrition.

The ORGALILA manufacturing stems from a unique technology which combines a granulator and a blender. In this way, the Orgalila granulars combine many advantages: formulaes adapted in order to respond to crops needsunrivalled homogeneity and stability, which assure a good distribution of the nutritive elements.

The potassic extracts formula maximizes your crops nutrition: soluble potash directly assimilable, sulphur essential to the crops qualityyeast from beetroot vinasse which improve the absorption of fertilizing elements and which contain sugars which activate the soil microflora.

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