From May 30th to June 1st 2022, during the annual seminar, sales and marketing Angibaud’ teams went to Brittany, at Agrimer head office which is a long time partner. 

This event was essentially focused on the partnership between Angibaud and Agrimer. From the seaweed harvest to the product’s formulation and the lab visit, Angibaud’s teams discovered or rediscovered Agrimer expertise in transforming and recovering sea resources.

The Laminar seaweed can be found only off the Brittany coast where it is brewed permanently: this gives the Laminar high agronomic qualities. This exceptional seaweed enters Agrocéan’s product range formula based on a unique technology which mixes two active elements:

The Agrocéan’s liquid products and biostimulants are foliar-usable on all crops, as a complement to soil fertilization.
Thanks to this seminar, the new Angibaud’ sales officers learnt a lot about the agronomic and technological Agrimer’s know-how.
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For decades, Angibaud exports its know-how in more than 30 countries worldwide. Thus, our French company plays an important role in answering the growing needs of international farming. For us, being close to our local partners, notably in the Mediterranean basin, Middle East, South America and in East-Asia, is essential to develop our export department.

Carte export Angibaud

Currently, our export department represents 10% of the company’ sales revenue. With the increase of food needs and the global farming context, it is obvious that exportations will be a biggest part of sales for Angibaud in the upcoming years. At the moment, 5 collaborators are working for our export department both in France and abroad.

In order to reinforce our presence in the East Asia market, we recently hired Cyrielle who is working as a business developer in Vietnam, at Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville. Marketing activities, participation in local events and commercial follow-up of our historical local customers: this rich mission is an essential anchor in Asia for Angibaud.

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To fill in its efficient biostimulants range, Tekmaster®, Angibaud brings to market a new approved product (AMM n°1200946) concentrated in fulvic acids: Tekmaster® ADENIA. This biostimulant has already demonstrated its effectiveness on crop establishment, availability of nutritive elements and vegetal growth.

Besides being suitable for organic farming, Tekmaster® ADENIA can be used on all types of crops, in watering, drip irrigation or foliar application.

It is the result of a green process which aims to recover humic substances and to reduce wastes by 80%. This ultrafiltration process of peatland waters is furthermore patterned and it is fully natural (there is no chemical additive).

Apply on crops (vineyard, arboriculture, market gardening, horticulture, field crops…), Tekmaster® ADENIA has 3 main biostimulant effects:

Bidon Tekmaster Adenia

Several tests were carried out on different crops. For instance, they showed Tekmaster® ADENIA treated plants have a more harmonious growth due to a better root system development.

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