4 April 2022

ADENIA: a biostimulant concentrated in fulvic acids

ADENIA : biostimulant concentré en acides fulviques

To fill in its efficient biostimulants range, Tekmaster®, Angibaud brings to market a new approved product (AMM n°1200946) concentrated in fulvic acids: Tekmaster® ADENIA. This biostimulant has already demonstrated its effectiveness on crop establishment, availability of nutritive elements and vegetal growth.

Besides being suitable for organic farming, Tekmaster® ADENIA can be used on all types of crops, in watering, drip irrigation or foliar application.

It is the result of a green process which aims to recover humic substances and to reduce wastes by 80%. This ultrafiltration process of peatland waters is furthermore patterned and it is fully natural (there is no chemical additive).

Apply on crops (vineyard, arboriculture, market gardening, horticulture, field crops…), Tekmaster® ADENIA has 3 main biostimulant effects:

Bidon Tekmaster Adenia

Several tests were carried out on different crops. For instance, they showed Tekmaster® ADENIA treated plants have a more harmonious growth due to a better root system development.

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